How to be RICH? Cara biar jadi KAYA!

Business and investment!

That's the easiest way to become rich, but not that easy.

How to get the money to open a new business or investment?

Get an income, start from small, save the money, then invest!

If you can make $100, it's only a matter of time before you can get $1000, and so on.

When you have achieved a small goal, let say, that $100, you will get more confident to do more things.

If you want more, you have to do more.  As simple as that.

Duplicate what you do.

If you get the money from working for other people, then you can focus on your career, or better, quit and build your own business. It needs time though, some people recommend that you keep your job, and start building your business on spare time.

If you brave, you can skip that first step which is getting income, you can directly build your own business by partnering with someone that have capital and want to invest in you.

What business though?

There are several, well actually, there are tons of business ideas.

What people need, you can make the business from it. Learn about what people's problem, what they need, or simply, what you need.

Create something that really needed, make it affordable, you can be rich.

Or, if you like to sell, then you don't need to produce anything, just buy it, and then sell it.

So, the step;

Get income; Save; Invest on business

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